Soul Flats Music and Arts Festival

Materials and Tools Used:

Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Xerox Printer, Yellow Masking Tape, Spirit Level, HTML Atom, Commercial-Type Platform, Carnie Yellow 120 gsm A3 Paper, Carnie Yellow 180 gsm A2 Paper, Stanly Knife, Dell Computer, MacBook Pro, Computer Mouse, Nails, Hammer, Glass

Soul Flats Music and Arts Festival is an intimate cultural event that aims to celebrate Australia’s emerging creative talent, celebrating people from both rural and urban backgrounds. It is a community event, aiming to support music and art both within and beyond the boundaries of Deniliquin, NSW.

The festival captures a diverse range of alternative and progressive music currently being produced throughout Australia. The line-up consists of a combination of established and upcoming artists who are pushing the rules of their genre in some way; spanning from rock and roll to hip-hop, electronica to psychedelia - although it mainly focuses on stoner, punk and indie rock from bands that are in their budding stages within the Melbourne pub scene. It combines this music with conceptual art and visual experience, celebrating multiple art forms in conjunction with the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.