Print + Form (Work in Process)

Materials and Tools Used:

Canvas, Paint Brush, Roller, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Tracing Paper, T40 Aluminum Framed Silkscreen, Red Fabric Ink, Blue Fabric Ink, Black Fabric Ink, White Fabric Ink, Drying Retainer, Spoon, Coffee, Brown, Acrylic Paint, Squeegee, Flatbed Vacum Screen-Printing Table, Stencil Remover, Printing Paste, Macbook Computer, Stanly Knife, Tracing Paper, Blue Painters Tape, Emulsion, Packing Tape, Bonefolder, Acetate Paper, Water, Pressure Washer, hairdryer, Sawing Machine, White Pencil, Waterproof Brown Tread, Exposure Uni, LightBox, Sharpie, Apron, Vacum, Sponge, Work Sans, Orbit Sander

‘Print + Form’ explores digital design, Risograph experimentation and screen printing through a practice-led research focusing on ‘process’ as an essential aspect of design and craft. Asking the question, ‘How can we integrate the craft of printmaking into contemporary communication design?’, it explores various streams of design, such as the fundamentals of graphics, creative spaces and exhibition design. This research is an exploration of DIY culture, hoping to shift the viewer’s attention away from mass production towards an appreciation of the tactility of the handmade, eventually contributing to a greater understanding of design, democracy and the potential of each iteration to shift through process.

A realisation that “Materiality + process = greater understanding of image- making (and craft.)”.