Forms of Resistance


Beaziyt Worcou


Custom Screen Print, Public Art


Testing Grounds, Melbourne



Beaziyt Worcou's "The Flags of Resistance" is a graphic-type statement; flat colour imposed directly onto a surface through the process of screen printing. This saw her digital image become physical, the medium of paint imprinted onto the materiality of canvas, which were subsequently turned into flags.

The methodology of this project draws inspiration from those which were inherent to the revolutionary movements that the statements were taken from. The screen-printing steps taken are an analogue process that cannot operate with machinery alone, exploring multiple preparation stages before the image reaches the point of application to material. The whole project was a tactile progression, from cutting the fabric and block painting the backgrounds to screen-printing the image, recutting the fabric; before aligning the pattern pieces and finalising the stitching.

This series of large-scale prints allowed me to craft the final outcome in a completely custom way. Potentially considered messy when compared to a commercial printer, the manual nature of love and time which has gone into this work is the actualisation of both materialisation and process; the crux of the artwork and my practice.





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