De Natris Print Commision

Materials and Tools Used:

225 gsm Somerset Paper, Paint Brush, Roller, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Flatbed Scanner, Tracing Paper, T180 Aluminum Framed Silkscreen, Golden Paint Gel, Drying Retainer, Spoon, Silver Golden Acrylic Paint, Black Gouache, Coffee, White Golden Acrylic Paint, Squeegee, Stencil Remover, Printing Paste, Stanly Knife, Tracing Paper, Blue Painters Tape, Emulsion, Packing Tape, Bonefolder, Acetate Paper, Water, Pressure washer, hairdryer.

Commissioned artwork for Fabio Ongarato, used for the printed identity of De Natris Skurrie Architecture and Interior Design.

Created using organic textures, this is part of a series of experimental screen prints which explore mechanical processes mimicking freely painted surfaces.