Degradation and Decay; Urbanisation of the Landscape


Acrylic Screen Prints on Colourbond,


Deniliquin, Melbourne



The Australian landscape is continuously used as a strong source of inspiration towards my practice. My work consists of superimposed photographs put through an illustrative digital process which are fully realised through a succession of layered screen prints.

The backdrops of the images are a series of landscapes that have been taken from my hometown of Deniliquin, NSW. These become the base of the images, suggestive of drought and isolation through an over exaggeration of remote, barren spaces. Objects such as power boxes and abandoned pools are then injected into these landscapes, captured throughout suburbia from Footscray to Lilydale, as well as other developing Melbourne suburbs that have been affected by the real estate market. As the objects chosen have been forgotten, deemed useless and unwanted, their decaying appearance paired with the natural setting highlights how urbanisation is negatively impacting the Australian landscape, leaving it scarred and destitute.